I’ve been an athlete and sports fan since I was a kid. My first love was soccer, playing year round—outdoor then indoor, and always traveling. Then came my love for basketball, either watching NBA games or playing pickup games at the local court. But before taking the field or the court, there was always one question that had to be answered: What was I going to put on my feet? 

That love of sport—and what shoes to wear—also fueled a love for sportswear. The cleats or court shoes had to be premium, and I always had to have the socks to match. As my passion for sport grew, I began designing: sneaker concepts, team logos, special edition uniforms. Eventually those designs blossomed into a love for the arts and I just wanted to make beautiful things. After graduating high school I went on to university, first to explore a business degree, and then realizing I wanted—no, scrap that—needed to be in art school, I transferred to the School of Visual Arts in New York City and learned everything I could.

Fast forward 15 years. While working in New York City as a senior art director for fashion and lifestyle brands, I felt a calling for something different, for something new, for something that was always in me. I felt the need to consolidate a lifetime of experience and take it on the road with me. I felt a calling to Portland, Oregon, the Mecca of sportswear, the place where the fire is burning 24/7. So I packed up my things and moved west. And now that I’m here, I'm excited to see what this town has in store for me.


Cole Haan
Lord & Taylor
Lands' End
Tommy Hilfiger
Juicy Couture
Ann Taylor
New York & Co
Brooklyn Circus
Mighty Healthy