The Bustdown

This is an experiment in dance, an exercise that captures the subtleties of movement, the physicality of the subject and the exploration of emotion. Photographed through an active fashion lens in stark black & white, the end result is a showcase of the human body in a constant state of motion...

A ballet dancer from Cedar Lake. An iconic voguer from the House of Ninja featured in the Balmain for H&M ads. A Broadway performer from Wicked and the West Side Story. A diverse group of contemporary dancers and performers. A choreography consultant with Bloc Talent Group. Fitness and fashion models from Wilhelmina, Q and Soul Artist Management. A creative director with an idea. One director, two DP's and three photographers to shoot that idea. A fashion stylist represented by See Management. An agency-represented beauty team. Brooklyn-based jewelry & men's accessories brands. A full video editing team that have created content for Vice and FX. And a sound designer crafting a custom soundtrack.

Watch what happens when an amazing roster of talent comes together in a Brooklyn photo studio and busts it down with the cameras rolling—you've never seen a fashion film like this before.

Visit the for the full experience.

Mighty Healthy x Reebok Spring 2016 FuryLite Chukka

ROLE: Concept, Shoot, Production, Location Scout, Plot  + Art Direction

Using carefully juxtaposed day-in-the-life lifestyle footage with gritty NYC street scenes, the end result comes together to create the perfect vibe for the Mighty Healthy x Reebok collaboration to release the Spring 2016 FuryLite Chukka. 

Styling by Stacey Cunningham, directed by Chris Clinton, and videography by talented DP Adam Besheer


ROLE: Concept, Location Scout, Plot + Art Direction

World Premiere: LIQUID SWORDS! Taking inspiration from the epic Wu-Tang member's, the GZA, album of the same name, Liquid Swords is a menswear fashion film and creative collaboration between stylist Tiffani James, photographer Chris Clinton and myself. The film was created for submission into the La Jolla Fashion Festival (LJFFF). 

All clothing featured in the film by streetwear brand Gerlan Jeans.